About Me

A writer attempting to accomplish a new found goal on my bucket list: publishing a novel series. I love the fantasy genre, and I found there aren’t many fantasy or YA novels centered around a protagonist of color, I wanted to create one. Hopefully, in the future, we can have books such as these written as often as others without the emphasis on race or color and they will become part of the norm.

In the midst of moving, I found the forsaken floppy disk tucked between some old notebooks. Before I could pop it into a computer, I had to find one that still had a floppy drive. When I did, I was reunite with my 15 year old self. The stories and random writings were nostalgic. So I decided to get back writing, learning, expanding, editing, and revising on these stories.

Destiny of an Azurine is one of those writings I started at that tender age. In the summer of 2013, and ran with it. I created and expanded on the plot and characters crafting this whole new world and universe. I had this odd idea to write ten chapters with 10,000 words a piece. And, I did it. Now, I’m editing and revising it.






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