Part of me would like to begin the next book. It might be why I am struggling making these changes and reading to make sure everything makes sense.

Distractions? Plenty of little things around me to distract my attention. Especially outside my window. There is an empty field outside.

It is always covered in wild flowers. Someone cut it since the grass was getting very tall. It was heart breaking since the flowers are gone now along with my distraction.

I took this picture while driving yesterday trying to get errands done I was parked. Pretty nice, huh? It’s no “Weiss” camera, but still goregous! I have more that I’ve taken. I couldn’t decided which to use for this post.

I need to #keepwriting. I have a whole other notebook filled with the setting and plot of the next book. I filled it up one day while brainstorming. It is at my finger tips, but I need to stay on the first one.

Trying not to rush things here.


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