Dump Doc.

Do you have a document with random ideas and thoughts for your current WIP?

I love all my characters. I took a lot of time into developing them throughout this journey of over 50,000 words (still climbing). I have whole separate story line for them. This dump doc, as I call it, helps me develop my characters even further. I put them in awkward situations that I may not really want in my WIP.

I call it Writer’s Dumping Syndrome where I just write anything that comes to mind. I may have my antagonist hook up with the heroine of the story and see where that story line takes me. I start thinking of “how will she do in the situation?” or “how  would he react to her when this happens?”


I love my WIP, yet I do tired of proof reading the present time over and over again. I’m like okay I need to “dump” some of these ideas somewhere.

That dump doc has over 30,000 words. Yeah, I guess I really had a lot to develop. There are no connections to the situations, no special formula, or chronological order. I’ve borrow some of the ideas here and there and plugged them into my main WIP. Just my character’s reactions, feelings, or personalities. It’s kind of fun. It’s like I’m brainstorming still, and my characters become stronger.

I don’t know if I’ll do it for each WIP. It helps most when  I hit a writers block or grow tired of edits. Try it. I dare you. Get your characters talking, talk to them, put them in odd situations to help you see how they would react in different situations.





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