Lost and Found

It has almost been a year since we switched from a PC to an iMac, and I never moved all my files over. I turned on my PC just recently, and with my flash drive in hand plugged it in for the overdue moving of files solo party.

I had a folder, like I have one on the iMac, labeled, “Stories” and I double click, guess what I found? More short stories! One of them was a modern day school life a young girl.

I double click on the story, and begin reading immediately.  I decide I will clean it up after I revise my WIP for the “umpteenth” time this year.

I open it up another story. It seems like I was going to going in a different direction, then I was hit by a huge eye popping inspiration! It would be my WIP PREQUEL!!! It only has 577 words to it, but I can elaborate on it. When WIP is “finally done” I will start on a prequel, and even keep the title.

I have babbled a lot today, but I had to share my excitement! I will #keepwriting for sure.


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