Yesterday’s Journey

I just went to Staples yesterday on the hunt for a new notebook. I have been using the regular notebooks for my journal. You know, the ones you used in school. I decided to treat myself in finding a “nicer” quality notebook.

I found one. It’s Staples brand only $10. It’s a lot nicer, and it doesn’t feel as if I am in school 24/7.  The first page has an area for a title. At least that is what I am using it for. It’s been designated for the next book. I’ve been brainstorming all day yesterday, and writing here and there.

The next book of the series should be interesing. I have begun to develop one of the main characters already. A lot of thought goes into my character before I write about them. As I write about them, their personality just comes out which I find very interesting.

I should be focusing on the edits I received from my editor, but I am in need of another monitor. I need a VGA cable to bridge the iMac to the PC. I don’t care at this point which is better I just need another monitor! (My little brother gives me crap about this all the time).


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