Protagonist of Color

My response to “More calls for books about non-white Children”   by Allison Flood on the guardian.

First let me start off by saying, I’m a Black-American. (I was not born in Africa and then came to the US, so I’m not “African-American” which is entirely a different discussion.) I’ve been seeing a lot of articles like this regarding people of color not being the protagonists of any books and actually being the minor characters of the book.


All in all, we need more books of fiction with diverse characters. I would love to have readers be able to read where the protagonist is Black, Asian, Hispanic, or of any other race. Within YA writing, a group of friends are described all as European or Caucasian in the writers description. Why not portray a more accurate group of friends? These days, teenagers and young adult “clichés” contain a wide range of races (I’ve got Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Native American, Irish, and Caucasians within my group of friends growing up and now).

Being a  YA writer, I hope those who are searching for books such as these will enjoy my book.  I didn’t realize how big of an issue this really is right now. I just thought I wasn’t looking hard enough for books where the heroine was some other race besides European or Caucasian. Thanks to this article by the Guardian, it wasn’t because I wasn’t looking hard enough for these books they just didn’t exist!




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