Inspiration in Strange Places

The first step is to admit I have a problem, so recently, I have been distracted. Therefore, tomorrow will be dedicated to revising the edits (cross fingers and pray I don’t have to work tomorrow).

I got done with my errands and picked up another journal putting me at four total. I need to breathe and focus. I have been on a roll lately, and placed my journal beside my bed with pen.

It’s gotten really bad. I usually re-read my journal and a few pages of my WIP before I go to bed in order to dream about for “inspiration” or “ideas”. I’m still mulling over the “tentative title” as well. It will be apart of a series, so I started looking up YA books that are apart of a series. Guess what came up first? I’ll give you a huge hint, “sparkling vampires”

Yeah, I know. I have never read any of the books, nor have I watched any of the movies. I went to Stephanie Myer’s website and read her bio. I wanted to know how she came up with such a series. Well, I continue to read.  The more I read the more I admired her. Juggling such a hectic life to write, truly amazing.

I didn’t like that fact that she made vampires “sparkle”; however, everything is purely original. I have to give respect to that.


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