"The End" of Oz

I rented Oz the Great and Powerful from redbox the other day. What led me to do this would have to be seeing Mariah Carey sing for Disney. I bought, Almost Home, on iTunes and listen to it enough to learn the song. Mariah’s voice has matured a lot, but she’s still a diva!

Anyways, the beginning of the movie I really couldn’t take Franco seriously. I mean, I had just watched “The End” and now, I’m watching him trying to pull off this PG movie. It was all too much. He didn’t do a bad job at all.

The beginning of the movie was set in early 1900s if I remember clearly. It was a little off with some of the phrases of dialogue which were used. The set was in the 1900s, but there were some modern phrases or phrasing. I’d doubt they really spoke like this at the turn of the century.

There are some easter eggs within this movie which I had to explain to my husband (he’s never seen The Wizard of Oz). The witches were a surprise. I believe all three did an amazing job at acting. Glenda, Michelle Williams, was great. She matched the previous portrayal of the first Glenda very well.

All in all, it was a very pretty movie when it moved to color. I would love to see more “Oz” movies, but, at the same token, I’m scared it would be messed up from here.


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