From Vampires to Dragons…What’s next?

There always seems to be a new fad in writing which drives us to embrace the fantasy world. It’s been vampires for the longest time with Twilight coming out, and before that it was wizards and witches with Harry Potter.
True Blood is still an ongoing series on HBO with its mix of werewolves, vamps, faeries, shape shifters, and throw in some witches, why not? I haven’t read the books to this series as of yet, but the series used to be good. Now I have to watch it because…just because (Sometimes I wanna claw my eyes out!). The dialogue is completely crappy! The actors are no help either. My sympathy goes out to Alexander Skarsgard. A beautiful vamp with the crappiest lines.

Walking Dead’s zombies have taken over! It’s pretty crazy how you can watch episodes of no zombies and then BAM! Zombie herd crossing! I’d call this a seasonal trend or fad. These zombies are only hot during autumn (I like “autumn” better than “fall”). Particularly Halloween, I think a lot of little zombies will be appearing this year. Can’t wait for the new season!

Now, Game of Thrones’ dragons are hot! When I was growing up, I had a very good friend of mine who loved dragons (still does). I bet he’s pretty pleased now they’re the latest trend. I never would have thought these fanciful creatures would get their 15 minutes. I don’t know what crap I’ve been watching up until this series. This show has great dialogue, and actors are awesome! Don’t you just want to slaughter Geoffrey?  ^_^ (Lena Headley is great! I first watched her in Jungle Book)

What’s next? Well, faeries/fairies (however you want to spell it) have yet to be in the spotlight. To me, fairies seem to remain on the kiddie level. Tinkerbell and Winx Club seem to pretty much own them for now.

Witches seem like they would have taken the stage, but dragons were like “it’s our time to shine”. I don’t think we’ll see them center stage for awhile. Unicorns haven’t had their time. Then again, what would that series in any outlet really look like?

So, what’s next? Who knows, but aren’t you glad that vampire phase is over?


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