Characters Talk Back…

I’ve seen a lot of advice on google+ and twitter about talking to your characters. I thought I’d try it. I was running errands yesterday, had lunch with my  brother, and shopping with my mom. While I was running back and forth through town, I tried talking to my characters.

Each of my destinations were clearly a thirty minute drive either way, so I had some time to kill while in the car. Listening to Lindsey Stirling (love her!) in my car, I tried this idea. It was hard at first! I mean, I spent about 3 months developing these wonderful characters and never really spoke to them.

I literally had to think about each of their personalities, so I started with one of my favorites.
I started off, “If I were to say this to my favorite character, what would they say back to me?” I had to ponder this for a minute.

Me: “How would you feel if I had you fall in love with so and so?”
Favorite Character: “Nice person and we’ve been friends for a while, but I can’t fall in love, remember?”
Me: “Yes. I know. I think you two would make a great couple. Plus, it’ll melt that ‘tough personality’ of yours”
Favorite Character: “I’ll consider it.”
Me: “You’re no help with this decision”
Favorite Character: “Don’t make me fall in love.”
Me: “I’ll consider it. Can I have your autograph then?”
Favorite Character: “If you promise not to make me fall for ‘so and so’.”
Me: “Um, no guarantees!”
Favorite Character: “No autograph.”
Me: “I could go ‘George R.R. Martin’ on you!”
Favorite Character: *scoffs* “You don’t have the guts to write it.”
Me: *sighs* “Why did I create you?”
Favorite Character: “I’m amazing.”

I had fun! It was more like an interview than talking to them. I did this for almost all of my characters, but this was my favorite. Interestingly enough this character understands  ‘Game of Thrones’ reference. How? I don’t know, but it was fun! I think every author should do this.

Just be careful! Don’t talk to all your characters and have a full conversation with all of them at the same time. It happens.


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