Two Movies, Karaoke, and a Book Later…

Interesting weekend! The first movie I saw would have to be World War Z. It was a decent movie. It’s been awhile since I saw Brad Pitt in a movie honestly (Moneyball looked boring beyond all reason).

I’d say a decent “B” movie. It did scream more potential. Very suspenseful, and these zombies did not play. I kept thinking, I bet Rick’s group from “Walking Dead” would’ve held their own in the hospital scene. They’d secure that building in an hour! “80 zombies walking around the lab? B***h, please!” Ha! I could see it now, “Micchone and Daryl come with me. Glenn and Carl protect the others. We’ll be back in thirty minutes.” (If Glenn dies this season, I’m done with this series!)

The next movie was “Wolverine”. *Sighs* WHY! Why did I see this monstrosity of a movie? I’ve watched a good share of K-Drama, J-Drama, and Tawainese movies, but this movie was just awkwardly and entertainingly horrible! The dialogue seems as if it didn’t matched in some places. It was weird!  Way to many fight scenes back to back. A friend of mine mentioned it was like a video game. There was not much drama just, “Cue the claws.” (Um, I know he’s wolverine.)  The fighting choreography was weak, sluggish, and anticipated. The only redeeming scene was the fight on top of the bullet train. That was heart wrenching!

Had fun at karaoke with friends. We were crazy and having loads of fun. Regressing to a period where music actually made sense (Thong song, anyone?). Barbie Girl, Bye Bye Bye, My Immortal, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Shaggy made an appearance. Chicken wings from Publix with some chips and dip and relaxing beverages, we should have gotten a record deal that night.

I got the book “Forbbiden Forest” by Tenaya Jayne from the iBookstore. I have to say story is amazing! I really didn’t want to read about vampires, but since there were other mythical creatures tied into it, I made an exception. I reviewed it on good reads about it. I couldn’t put it down though.

I have to say, it’s been a great weekend. Now, I must continue my edits.


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