Prince Charming Moment

Warning: *May contain spoilers to some books*

In every romance novel there is an element I named ” the prince charming moment”. When the girl is talking to her friends or other characters about the her romantic interest, and boom! He shows up hearing every word, or he comes in on the when you least expected him to do so.
I’m a huge sucker for this! There are more subtle ways to go about accomplishing this surprise. A good prince charming moment would be the least expected. It happened in One Reckless Night by Stephanie Morris. Bayleigh was avoiding Dane. She met with her friends at their usual place and boom! Dane shows up asking, “When?” I knew it would happen sooner or later just didn’t know when. It was still a great moment to read, but it didn’t have the feeling of “Oh my god! what’s going to happen?”

“Expect the unexpected” is the proper way to execute the prince charming moment. Take 50 Shades of Grey as an example. Grey proposes to Ana in the boat house with the “hearts and flowers…” That was a great prince charming moment. I had no idea it would happen. It was perfect!

It doesn’t always have to be a prince charming moment either. Ladies can fulfill that princess role and surprise their romantic interest every once in awhile. It is the 21st century after all! (I draw the line of women proposing though. I’m a bit old fashion.)

I have a few of these moments within my own book. I may need to revisit them just to make sure they aren’t “cheesy” or anticipated. As a writer, keeping your audience guessing of the unknown is the best method to use. I love “Prince Charming Moments” they make me all warm and gooey inside like the middle piece of fresh brownies coming out of the oven. Its so gooey and melts in your mouth, except these moments melt in your soul.


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