Editing Struggle and Writing distractions

I’ve been editing here and there since the semester finally came to an end. It was a brutal one this time. I mean, I had two papers one 15-20 pager and another 6-7 pager due at the same time on the same topic for different classes. It was easier this way. I only had to research one topic, and my resources overlapped each other. The papers were from different perspectives.


I love to write, but not papers! I hadn’t written a paper in about a year. Well, I did fairly well on them. I’m just glad its all over, so I can enjoy this hot summer.

Editing is what I should be working on, but writing has become a major distraction. I have about 3 projects which I’ve started over the last year. These 3 beautiful creations have been staring at me in a folder on my desktop saying, “Write me…I beg you…”  and I gladly give in.

They will be great stories to write and I’m so excited and can’t wait to get to them, but I need to finish my WIP. It bugs the hell out of me that it’s not completely polished enough to publish. It’s like a cloud hanging over me.

Anyways, I had been thinking that once this book—which is part of a series—is out there I’ll  tackle the next book in the series. I know where I want to go with each project, so there is no rush. Today, I will put MS Word in focus mode and get through edits all day.

Keep writing (editing in this case)!


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