What’s new lately….

I haven’t been blogging as I should. It’s been over a year since the last entry!

Let me dive right into the heart of this post with an update. I’m currently in school to become a teacher! I have one year left (My college consistently adds more courses I should take.) Last semesters, I haven’t been able to do much blogging. Having papers and lesson plans to turn in I got sick of MS Word.

Well, I decided to minor in Creative Writing which I’m taking Intro to Fiction this fall. The instructor for the course is making us read Game of Thrones series. I’ve watched the show I know what’s going on. I’m aware there are a lot of differences from the show and the book. However, I think those who haven’t watched the show on HBO nor read the books. Watch the show first! Say, what? Yes, watching the show provides nice scaffolding when you go and tackle the books.

If I hadn’t watched the show, I think I’d have to read a few chapters over again because of all the names. My instructor forbids us to come in not reading the books and have only watched the show. So, doing this in reverse I’m reading faster and actually paying attention to structure, syntax, descriptions, metaphors, and such.

I can’t stand the writing though! I feel if you tell me a person’s hair is black as night then that’s all I need to know. Please stop reiterating. That annoys me the most. Chapters are titled by character names? Not a huge fan. I’ll say one good thing about the book. Most of the comparisons, descriptions, and such are original and not cliche. Grant it, there are some cliche parts.I’m only on chapter 8 of 72 😦 I bought it an hour ago, so not so bad? This might be another reason my revisions are suffering.

I had my gallbladder removed recently and been out of town with family as well. I update twitter more than anything. That’s all for now. I’ll post again later this month!

Keep Writing!


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