Lately I’ve been…

I haven’t made a formal post in so long! It’s good to be back #amwriting and #amediting. I’m currently on vacation after a semester of papers and one huge 15 page research paper.

I’ve been #editing  a lot lately. I finished the Chapter 3 edits. For those of you who don’t know, I have 10 chapters to Destiny of an Azurine  with 10,000 words in each chapter. (No, I don’t know what possess me to write 10,000 words per chapter.) After editing the first 2 chapters, I’ve broken them up considerably. So, I’ve successfully #edited and #revised the first 30,000 words of the original 100,000 word draft I finished in 2013. (It only took 3 months to write).waterpark_cabbagebeach

Since I’m on vacation, I decided to take a break from those edits. I know, I shouldn’t. I do fall in love with my book each time I open the next chapter which is my problem. I decided to write the next book of the Azurine series. The title of the next book will be, Charity of an Azurine.

I may be getting  ahead of myself, but I figure I should write down the direction I want this book to go before I forget it all.  So, yes, #amwriting while on vacay, but #amediting once this vacation is over!

I promise!

Keep Writing!



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