WIP Update: Focus!

Alright. I’ve been slacking a bit. I haven’t made too much progress in this chapter as I planned. I hit a rough patch where two characters meet, talk, and explain things for the first time. It’s a major and important part, and it must be worded just right. The mood has to be perfect, and descriptions, descriptions, de-scrip-tions!

pexels-photo-2.jpgThis is where I’m pulling my hair out (more like my brain is puking all over MS Word). It’s tedious editing this, yet once I get through this part the rest will be a breeze until the next chapter. All of my focus has been on this little scene, although small, it needs make the huge impact to readers.

I hope everyone that’s reading Destiny of an Azurine likes the story thus far! I know, not much has happened, but do not worry! Things are about to get dicey! Well, not dicey, maybe more interesting. Is it okay that your protagonist, you’ve created, is not your favorite character? Because she’s not. I still love her personality.

Anyways, I need to get back to this patch of thorny words, and make some sense of what needs to go down or happen here.

Keep Writing! (I’m editing.)



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