Week 2: Cabin Gossip

I would love to be writing in this cabin, wouldn’t you? What a view to have some coffee while watching the sun blush across the sky every morning or evening. Gorgeous! Truly breath taking!


Week two is over now. I was a little busier this week running all over town and attending some symposiums and workshops, but I’m please to announce I manage to add 1,059 words this week putting me at 11291 of my 25,000 word count. Yeah, I didn’t meet any of my daily writing goals at all this week. But, it’s still good considering I haven’t been at home much this past week.

Trust me, 25, 000 words will not be the entire novel. I’ll come back next July and add more. I’m getting a start on this while I’m thinking of the ideas. I’m constantly checking my notes from Destiny of an Azurine to ensure I get little things right.

With these little intricacies, timing is everything. I don’t want to reveal things to soon or too late. It’s mostly focus on Sariah’s emotional state. She just lost her parents and has to attend an elite school surrounded by well educated and wealthy to rich students. Not to mention her discovering a family secret.

Ah, writing is fun. I hate for this month to end.

Keep Writing! (Editing by day, Writing by night)



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