Week 3: Hiking through Creativity

It’s week 3 of Camp NanoWrimo! This month has flown by! It feels like I just started writing. I wish I could’ve left town focusing all my writing in the pexels-photo-3quietness of the wood, no television, no distraction, and somewhat off the grid. It sounds wonderful just thinking about it! Just me, myself, and I.

My word count is at 13,071 over halfway to my goal.  Which means, I need to write every day at least 1,000 words. It doesn’t seem so bad, if I write for an hour in the morning, noon, and afternoon. Then, after everything is quiet in the house, and I’m not running around I’ll get words in from 10pm until midnight. I can do it!

I was in a rough spot this past week, and NaNoWordSprints are extremely helpful. I set push notifications to my phone, and join in when I can. The sprints provided me the challenge and pressure of having 15 minutes to write, I pushed through the roughness that is rough.

I read through some of my writing so far, and I’m not really happy with how things are going. One thing I’m not doing is naming chapters. I did this with the last manuscript and it helped drive my storyline. I’m going to have to revise this next July with some chapter titles. One thing is for sure, it’s on paper.

I’ll be off and on throughout the school year, so my writing comes to a slow motion, snail like speed (is there anything slower than a snail? sloth, maybe?).

Nanowrimo in November will be difficult, so I’ll trying doing it in 2017.

Keep Writing! (Editing by day, writing by night).




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