Week 4: Morning Sunrise

I must admit that I’ve never been camping before. It would be nice to go away to a secluded cabin and write for an entire month. You know, drop off the grid for awhile. (That’s how the horror movies and novels come from. All I can think if is Misery and Secret Window.) CampNanoWriMo is perfect. I really loved getting into the spirit of things with my  stereotyping of camping.

I’ll do it again next year. Probably adding more to Charity of an Azurine, or revising what I have now. It all depends how the school year goes. Agh! responsibilities! Pesky thing that keeps popping up. CampNanoWriMo its been great. I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a writer in this month.


Looking back when I signed up, I didn’t know what to expect. I had some rough stopping points crafting this plot even with a outline and notes, I still felt lost at times. I read my writing over and over again and focus on another characters point of view.

I found myself putting two characters together in a room asking, “How would they react to if I made them enemies?” or “What would happen if she kissed him?” and finally, “If they don’t like each other, why don’t they walk out the room? It’s not locked.”

Well, maybe not the last one, but you get the idea. It helped a little. I really had to focus on their personality and play on their weaknesses. Their fears. Their wants. Their desires. It wasn’t easy. While I know all of these things, thinking as them was a bit of a challenge.

I think about half way in my writing, I began hating the way the story was going. Some parts I love, and other parts need serious thought. I made comments and bookmarks in Word and will tackle it later.

Charity of an Azurine is going in the Manuscript Vault after Sunday. There will be no revising, I’ll be focusing on Destiny of an Azurine edits. I haven’t spend a lot of time on them.I got a page done during camp. Just got so busy and never tweeted updates. I’m actually excited to go back to DOA. I need to fact check some things and make notes of them.

Keep Writing! 



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