Week 3: Night Time Dreams

Every night, if I don’t get a chance to touch my WIP, I read the chapter I’ve been editing before drifting off to sleep. Well, I woke up in the middle of the night and ran straight over to my computer. An idea for the next book in the Azurine Series, yet it was an idea.
backlit-blur-close-up-279467Since I did that, I’ve been editing like mad! I mean, just that one spark made me want to finish the rest of this manuscript. I love it when that happens. I have to write it down immediately. I use to have a dream diary, where all my dreams would be written down as soon as I wake. I stopped doing it since I have to wake up earlier.

I’m happy at the idea I had. I ended up scrapping about 500 words for  150. These words move the story in another direction while keeping with its pace. I haven’t written the end of Charity of an Azurine, yet I know how and when I want to end it.

Camp is been great. Last time I went to camp, I was able to participate in the cabins more, but this year I get a few days behind. I’ve been checking in at the end of the week and see how everyone is doing.

I really wish I could go off to camp for a week. Away from all the responsibilities and focus on my writing. It would be wonderful vacation. This will do for now.


Week 2: Tent Musings

I’ve only gotten through the next chapter and I love how I ended it. Looking through some of my writing; it’s pretty bad. I knew it was, but its evolved once again. Reading through it and cutting unnecessary paragraphs and and choosing the right word or phrase let’s me know its evolved.


The only thing I worry about my writing is if its right. I don’t think there is one right way to write. I’ve read some books where the writing was a little bland and better descriptions and setting could have used another pair of eyes. However, I would like to be an acceptable way. Does that make sense? (I think back to my high school english teacher.)

Another thing that worries me, ensuring the parts I’ve change agree and keep with the main story. My writing isn’t the only thing that’s evolved. The story and the way I’d like it to go has changed. I’ve made some hard decisions on what to keep spending countless hours, days, months even deliberating if I should keep the color of a character’s eyes or hair or where a battle took place.

The plan is to get through Camp and then read through everything in one take. Change the necessary parts, and possible get an editor to review it once more. I can’t believe I’m about two steps away in deciding on publishing.

Well, let me get through Camp Nano, and I’ll go from there.

Week 1: Under the Stars

I should have posted this yesterday, but I got extremely busy. The first week of camp is over and I only finished 321 words for the entire week. Yeah, I know. Terrible.

This morning I got 2,978 completing a entire chapter of edits! Yay! I was on a roll. I know next chapter will be the most difficult. I wanted to edit last night, but I was drained from finishing another project together that involved way too much glitter for my taste and a lot paint and a hot glue gun.

dark-galaxy-milky-way-8945The stars were gorgeous last night, and believe it or not it’s what gives me inspiration and motivation. I’m starting the next chapter today and hopefully it won’t be so terrible. I have it backed up on a flash drive too just in case. I may print out a chapter and take a red sharpie to one of them, so I can edit on the go. I love scrivener, and I use the mobile version to read through my manuscript.

I really like the conversations of my cabin mates this year. I haven’t been logging in as often, but I try to catch up in the conversations. Maybe we’ll share some stories around the camp fire this week.

My word count is at 3,029 of the 25,000. I’m not good with Math without a calculator. I’m about 10% done (thanks Siri). I should be at 25% completed which I will reach by Wednesday.

If you still like to join, find me and we can be cabin mates. It’s not too late. After this week, it’ll be too late because starting two weeks in is just madness!