Inspiration for Days

Since I’ve been editing Destiny of an Azurine, my creative little mind won’t leave me alone long enough to focus on my WIP. Most times I feel like I’m falling into the writer pitfall, when I’m not getting anything done. Another idea came to mind, and I’m not sure if it’ll pan out.

Not all ideas have the backing of a book, yet this one would require much more research. I mean checking out books from the library type research and a few sites. I’m not sure how deep I need to dig, so I’m crafting some questions in a notebook (yes with pen and paper) and will attempt to keep track of everything this way.

Writing it down by hand helps me retain it to memory. I did this for DOA and some of Charity of an Azurine which will need A LOT of attention. For this project will be within the realm of fantasy with a historical background. I’m not sure if it be considered a historical fantasy. The MC isn’t loosely or somewhat based off a historical person at all, just events.

pexels-photo-14154.jpegI guess it’d still be considered a historical fiction though. Ah, well, I’d need to get my research on. I’ve jotted down the bare bones of the project as well as those questions. It’s a good start. I’m shelving it for now, and hope to get to it soon.


Keep Writing and Editing!


Since April?

Opening my WIP today, I noticed I haven’t touched this chapter since April 2017. I’ve been reading through these chapters lately and fine tuning a character. The idea came to me one night and I acted as quick as I could to get it all down at a stop light on my way back from the store.Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.24.52 AM.png

I noticed not all of my characters are strong, and I’ve been going back through them making sure they are as I need them to be, not just their personality. They need to be believable, realistic, and likable or unlikeable. Even though I’m writing fantasy, I need the reader to care about them even if they aren’t one of the main characters.

Also, I still have Draft 1 of my manuscript, and I was looking for particular scene I cut out. This scene was still woven into the rest of my chapter and leaked into the next. I read through it, and can’t remember why I got rid of it, so I’m putting it back in.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 9.50.24 AM.png

This editing and revising part is very meticulous, yet little by little I’m making progress. Setting aside at least 30 minutes or so a day helps. I’ll be participating in Camp NanoWrimo this July and come up with goal, plan, and strategy to tackle DOA.

Going on vacay at the end of the month, so not sure if I’ll be getting any edits or revisions done, so I’ll make a goal of  at least 2 hours dedicated to editing and revisions. I’ll break into 30 minutes sessions. It’ll be good practice for Camp NanoWrimo. If you need a cabinmate in July look me up!






On to the next One

Yes! I finally combed through the fifth chapter after completely scrapping the original one.  Feels good and after I go read through it making sure it makes sense, it’s on to the next one, on to the next one (Jay Z’s Live from Brooklyn? Great song)

Next step is combing through the next chapter. Finally out of tthe woods with the plot progression chapter and into the more interesting parts of this novel.

It’s okay to hate, well not hate, strongly dislike a chapter of your writing. This chapter, in my opinion, is slow and boring and gives a better picture of Sariah. If you’re not truthful while writing, editing, crafting, or even publishing your writing then someone else will.

Keep it in the back of your mind while you keep writing!