Camp Nano 2018

I missed Camp last year, but I’ll be here this year! It’s been six months since I’ve written a blog post. I know. Being a teacher demands a lot of responsibility, stress, time, and more stress. I love my job though.

Last time I went to camp, I wrote a manuscript of Charity of an Azurine, which needs to be re-written because I completely trashed most of it and kept bits and pieces. I have about 12 potential chapters, 3 of them have hit the 3,000 word mark, leaving the other 9 (I can do math!) blank, but with synopsis.

Camp-2018-Writer-Profile-PhotoI say all that because, my goal for the 31 days in July, I will be getting through at least 25,000 words of Destiny of an Azurine. My bags are packed and ready to go. I’m still editing here and there in the mornings until it’s time to retreat into the woods for 31 days. I’m really excited and it’s nice being able to touch my writing again.

At the end of the month, I’ll evaluate how well it is and go from there. Fingers cross. It’s been five years since I wrote everything down. It’s been evolving and butchered over these years. If it’s ready then, there will be a novel ready for publishing very soon.

I’ll be posting blog post every week in July of my progress, trials, and word count status. If you haven’t already, I reviewed Helen Jane Long: Perspective on my #writingtothemusic blog. I have two more reviews coming this month as well. If you want to join a cabin with me let me know! I’m amayawrites on Camp NaNoWriMo just pm me.




Slow and Steady.

Slowly and surely I’m making head way into this WIP. It’s been years since I wrote the first draft, and I have to admit I got a little discourage this past summer about ever finishing it. It’s easy to fall into this little hole. I mean, I’ve been editing/revising the first several chapters for almost five years and I’m no where near finished.

My progress is that I have a great start to a great novel. Twitter helps me keep going. The writers and authors I follow provide a great community of ideas, tips, tricks, and motivation to keep going. Hopefully, I’ll be unveiling a box of books or cover reveal in the near future.IMG_4857.JPG

I’ve changed my editing process. I’m taking time each day concentrating on my breathing and clearing my mind from distractors. I’m not engaged on social media as much either, so I do less tweeting and posting. I’ll read a blog here and there of course and retweet and like a few, yet I’m focused solely on DOA.

I’m taking my time because I have one shot. Once it’s published that’s it. I’m not aiming for perfection, but right the first time. I love fantasy and this world I’ve created needs to be told how I see it.

Keep Writing!