Week 1: Under the Stars

I should have posted this yesterday, but I got extremely busy. The first week of camp is over and I only finished 321 words for the entire week. Yeah, I know. Terrible.

This morning I got 2,978 completing a entire chapter of edits! Yay! I was on a roll. I know next chapter will be the most difficult. I wanted to edit last night, but I was drained from finishing another project together that involved way too much glitter for my taste and a lot paint and a hot glue gun.

dark-galaxy-milky-way-8945The stars were gorgeous last night, and believe it or not it’s what gives me inspiration and motivation. I’m starting the next chapter today and hopefully it won’t be so terrible. I have it backed up on a flash drive too just in case. I may print out a chapter and take a red sharpie to one of them, so I can edit on the go. I love scrivener, and I use the mobile version to read through my manuscript.

I really like the conversations of my cabin mates this year. I haven’t been logging in as often, but I try to catch up in the conversations. Maybe we’ll share some stories around the camp fire this week.

My word count is at 3,029 of the 25,000. I’m not good with Math without a calculator. I’m about 10% done (thanks Siri). I should be at 25% completed which I will reach by Wednesday.

If you still like to join, find me and we can be cabin mates. It’s not too late. After this week, it’ll be too late because starting two weeks in is just madness!



On to the next One

Yes! I finally combed through the fifth chapter after completely scrapping the original one.  Feels good and after I go read through it making sure it makes sense, it’s on to the next one, on to the next one (Jay Z’s Live from Brooklyn? Great song)

Next step is combing through the next chapter. Finally out of tthe woods with the plot progression chapter and into the more interesting parts of this novel.

It’s okay to hate, well not hate, strongly dislike a chapter of your writing. This chapter, in my opinion, is slow and boring and gives a better picture of Sariah. If you’re not truthful while writing, editing, crafting, or even publishing your writing then someone else will.

Keep it in the back of your mind while you keep writing!

More Words More Problems

This is going to be a  short update for now. Scrapping that last chapter was the best move I’ve done. It really didn’t make sense. Yet, as I continue reading, I don’t feel like this Chapter 5 is something to brag about. Even with a little over 1600 words, it’s sluggish, a little boring and very depressing.

I’m just about finished with the chapter which is great, and I believe it’s a plot progression chapter. It provides  more background information about Sariah, and why she’s  attending this school. In all, it’s all about the protagonist in this case.


Right now, I’m focusing on descriptions with this chapter. When I wrote the chapter, I really didn’t have a clear setting in place. Toward the end, it sounded rush, I push my characters around from place to place. It didn’t flow very well. It was like the backdrop changed and my characters were in the same room getting through what I want them to say, do, and act out. There’s no real connection or building of any relationship with the the setting or between the characters; it sounded stiff like someone dancing to a beat with no rhythm.

I have to fix that! I’m hoping to finish this chapter very soon since I have maybe a fourth of a the chapter left.