Out and About…

I’m currently out of town again for a whole week! I’m going to visit the oldest city in North America. It should be fun. Walking through some forts and buildings. Should be inspiring. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I should have plenty of time to get through, I want to say, Chapter 7. I’m still dividing up this chapters. It’s a long process. My writing is rough, I’m thinking of what I envisioned when I wrote it, and contemplating how it should be now after a few changes (not major).

I think I completed everything before I left:

  1. Cleaned up website.
  2. Schedule some blogs (Yeah, I’m touring the city as your read this).
  3. Chapter 3 posted on Destiny of an Azurine on Monday.
  4. Self-promotion on social media.
  5. Writing chapter synopsis.

I’m hoping to be inspired by some things I see. It should be great. If you are reading my WIP, please consider supporting my writing via Patreon. I would greatly appreciated it. I’m really excited to write thank you letters and character interviews.


Keep Writing (I’m editing).