Camp NaNoWriMo

Yes! I’ve joined for the first time camp nanowrimo this summer. I’m crazy for doing so now, but hey why not?

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.08.36 PM.png

I mean while I’m editing by day I can me writing by night? (that should be my tagline). So, heres the plan to complicate my life even further than it is. I’ll be still taking care of Destiny of the Azurine  #revisions and #edits, at night (like my awesome tagline suggests) I’ll be writing Charity of the Azurine.

Yes, this is absolutely insane! I’m totally freaking out! Not really, it’ll be fun and exciting to get this done. I won’t be able to do NaNoWriMo in November this year, but I may be able to do so November of 2017. Who knows, maybe I’ll start the third book then.

Keep Writing (I’m editing)



Lately I’ve been…

I haven’t made a formal post in so long! It’s good to be back #amwriting and #amediting. I’m currently on vacation after a semester of papers and one huge 15 page research paper.

I’ve been #editing  a lot lately. I finished the Chapter 3 edits. For those of you who don’t know, I have 10 chapters to Destiny of an Azurine  with 10,000 words in each chapter. (No, I don’t know what possess me to write 10,000 words per chapter.) After editing the first 2 chapters, I’ve broken them up considerably. So, I’ve successfully #edited and #revised the first 30,000 words of the original 100,000 word draft I finished in 2013. (It only took 3 months to write).waterpark_cabbagebeach

Since I’m on vacation, I decided to take a break from those edits. I know, I shouldn’t. I do fall in love with my book each time I open the next chapter which is my problem. I decided to write the next book of the Azurine series. The title of the next book will be, Charity of an Azurine.

I may be getting  ahead of myself, but I figure I should write down the direction I want this book to go before I forget it all.  So, yes, #amwriting while on vacay, but #amediting once this vacation is over!

I promise!

Keep Writing!


Savannah and School

Went to Savannah last weekend just to get out of the state! The cotton exchange restaurant was delish! And b. Matthews for brunch was to die for!

What I loved most were the buildings. The detail of the old, brick and cobblestoned walkways were gorgeous. But, thank God for paved roads and sidewalks. How did people walk on those in the, what…17th and 18th century? Especially the women with their heavy dresses and corsets and such. So, glad to have been born in the 20th century!

Well, that was my last trip before school begins next week. Great. I have a lot of writing this semester. Just because I’m a writer doesn’t mean I enjoy writing. I enjoy my writings. Well, let the semester begin. Already looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas break!

Keep Writing!