NaNoWriMo2017, #writingtothemusic, and DOA pledge.

It’s been a hot minute. I’ve been editing, revising, and writing here and there just not as much I use to because…well, life. One thing I’ve been doing this summer was blogging on my Writing to the Music site because I really love music. I still love discovering new artist very similar to those I’ve blogged about. I’ve created a playlist on Spotify since my iTunes account is under my name and not my pen name.

I’m a NaNoWriMo 2017 participant this year. I’m not sure how on earth I’m going to juggle this, but I think that’s the point. I’m going to finish the revised draft of Destiny of an Azurine (DOA). I’ve been editing and revising here and there, but not consistently. So, November is the month to do so. (I plan to revise Charity of an Azurine during Camp NanoWriMo.)


I pledge the whole month of November to completing Destiny of an Azurine. I promise to devote my mornings and evenings to this project. My username on NaNoWriMo is amayawrites. You can find me and we can be buddies and get through this month together.

It’s Nov. 1st let’s get writing!




Inspiration for Days

Since I’ve been editing Destiny of an Azurine, my creative little mind won’t leave me alone long enough to focus on my WIP. Most times I feel like I’m falling into the writer pitfall, when I’m not getting anything done. Another idea came to mind, and I’m not sure if it’ll pan out.

Not all ideas have the backing of a book, yet this one would require much more research. I mean checking out books from the library type research and a few sites. I’m not sure how deep I need to dig, so I’m crafting some questions in a notebook (yes with pen and paper) and will attempt to keep track of everything this way.

Writing it down by hand helps me retain it to memory. I did this for DOA and some of Charity of an Azurine which will need A LOT of attention. For this project will be within the realm of fantasy with a historical background. I’m not sure if it be considered a historical fantasy. The MC isn’t loosely or somewhat based off a historical person at all, just events.

pexels-photo-14154.jpegI guess it’d still be considered a historical fiction though. Ah, well, I’d need to get my research on. I’ve jotted down the bare bones of the project as well as those questions. It’s a good start. I’m shelving it for now, and hope to get to it soon.


Keep Writing and Editing!