Projects, ideas and inspiration! I have many, however, most of my attention has been on my Azurine Series. I’ve been tweaking, editing, revising, and finalizing some of the chapters for the first book, so it does leave room for potential ideas. I call them stories before I say, yes I see a book out of this or no I’m not going anywhere with this story line.

I have about three stories on hold, and the other two books following Destiny of an Azurine. Lately, I have been battling myself about the title to this book. I believe I will keep it as Destiny of an Azurine.

Here is a breakdown of my Azurine project:

Azurine Series:

  • Destiny of an Azurine
  • Charity of an Azurine
  • Serenity of an Azurine

I’m still working on my first book of this series which is about 100,000± words. I might be leaning to the plus side of that number. I do live a busy life. So, I cannot tackle this book like I want to. I haven’t forgotten about it, just I have to make time for it. Ah, life! I do edit and revise it almost everyday about a page or less each day. Yet, it’s still something.





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